Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lion head rabbits question...?

okay so i am thinking about getting a lion head rabbit and i have alot of questions..

1. What brands of foods are the best for pellets and timothy hay?
2. What kind of vitamins are required in their diet?
3. How much should i feed them every day?
4. How often should they get treats?
5. What size cage should i get? (since its a small bunny)
6. How often should i clean/freshen its cage? (indoor cage)
7. How can i make the cage more entertaining? what toys can i put in it? (please be specific)
8. Is it best to litter train it?
9. Is it best to spay/neuter it? if it is how much does it cost?
10. How should i bunny proof my house?
11. What are some common health problems in rabbits?
12. What gender of rabbit has the most layed back personality?
13. What is the personality of the lion head rabbit?
14. Do they need things to chew on? are their teeth constantly growing like rodents?

sorry if this is alot but i want to take good care of my rabbit! thanks to everyone who anwers this(=

Answer on Lion head rabbits question...?

you should consider breaking up your questions. There is a lot here and people don't want to have to answer all of this on one page. Plus, you have a lot of common questions that other people have too. You should check out what other people have asked and I bet your answers will be there.

If you would like you can call me and I will answer all of the questions that I can answer for you. My phone number is on my "contact us" page on my website. Martin's Bunnies.

Good luck