Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eminem Or Lil Wayne ?

Personally i dont think Lil Wayne can even compare to Eminem... I just cant even believe the audacity of comparing the two but it has become a big debate on my facebook status... I also think Lil Wayne is a dumbass and cant freestyle to save his life... And he's always rapping about bitches and money... Another thing, is it me or is he still holding on to the rockstar dream? Has he even written an actual meaningful song IDK i dont buy his albums... I also think he is very ignorant... So whats your opinion... Oh and dont be rude

Answer on Eminem Or Lil Wayne ?

I agree with your first sentence! Lmao (:

Why is my stomach sticking out? (Took a laxative)?

I haven't been going regularly to the bathroom for the past 2 months so I took a laxative early sunday morning at 12.00am. Soon after it started to kick in... I went many trips to the bathroom, but not much came out. I felt bloated and my stomach was even sticking out more than usual. Keep in mind that I was on the same diet. It is now Tuesday and when I look at my stomach I notice that it is still sticking out.... Why is this? Could I have some kind of blockage? I'm still not going much.

Answer on Why is my stomach sticking out? (Took a laxative)?

Perhaps your colon is packed with rock hard waste that won't budge.

Perhaps you might need to resort to an enema as a last resort if nothing else works.

Castor oil is a very powerful laxative and is only suitable for a one-off occasion and should never be used on a regular basis.

A blockage in the system is certainly a possibility.

What are some hardcore workouts?

I've done p90x, p90x+, insanity, spartacus workout, spartacus workour 2.0. What other workout is really challenging. I know I COULD make my own workout, but I want to find out if there are any others you guys find challenging before I start making my own.

Answer on What are some hardcore workouts?

Crossfit and their philosophy of working out is pretty darn intense. I've done P90X and enjoyed it... But i find that crossfit is more "real world" oriented and i enjoy it more.

Check out some youtube videos and get some ideas from there... I do this when I start to plateau and i want a change