Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is this enough exercise for me to see results?

I am on a healthy eating & exercise plan in a bid to lose a few pounds but recently I've been thinking that maybe I'm not pushing myself enough & that I've hit a plateau.

I do approx. 30 mins cardio everyday then some yoga & stretching exercises. I also go swimming once a week for at least an hour. I walk everywhere & drink nothing but water.

I eat very healthily - lots of fruit & vegs, with my typical day looking like this:

Breakfast: Small bowl of porridge made with water OR small bowl of muesli with fat-free yoghurt

Lunch: Small serving of pasta with low-fat sauce OR soup OR vegetable sushi

Dinner: Family meal so cannot control what I'm eating 100% but is always low-fat (we do not cook with butter or oil)

I snack on fruits throughout the day.

With this diet & exericise regime, do you think I can continue to lose weight? If not, what should I change?

Thanks in advance for all your help, any tips or advice will be much appreciated :]

Answer on Is this enough exercise for me to see results?

Seems like a good way to me. Looks like you are eating enough and top it off with daily exercise. GOOD LUCK!