Saturday, June 18, 2011

Question. of concern.!!!?

Why are ! Italy and Spain...not in the continetal europe section? am i missing some thing here? last time i looked they where georaphically situated in continetal there a discrimination happing here ethier way by ....Y7A..?

Answer on Question.of concern.!!!?

Italy&Spain are in the Travel category and they have been given their own sections, unlike the countries under the Continental Europe section, e.g. Poland, Belgium, Greece, etc. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm guessing that this decision on categorization is not made by anybody on Y!A team, but by other criteria - such as frequency of Qs relating to a certain country.

Our own ideas on relevance of individual countries may vary greatly, and one glance at some of these countries' sections is enough to see serious misconceptions have been put into action.... in terms of the number of Qs I mean... in Denmark there are only a few every other day, and even the resolved Qs there (meaning from the very beginning)
are under 1000 as compared to Greece/Turkey for instance where there are more than 7 times as many .... so why Denmark has a section on its own, obviously hasn't got much to do with popularity or attraction of this country, which is great, beautiful and all, in case I'm accused of discrimination.

Maybe it has to do with the percentage of PC users in any given country, or access to the Internet, or something completely different. But the fact remains that the logic is missing, any way we look at it.