Monday, May 30, 2011

I need a good argument against veganism, can someone help?

I know a vegan, and she started yapping off about how meats will kill you, how milk is horrible for you, and how processed food is terrible, she also said that meats are more toxic than plants when they are made, they are not cleaned.

Can someone please give me reasons why normal diet is good (specific details), and at least a few flaws in the vegan diet, i feel so stupid right now :/

Answer on I need a good argument against veganism, can someone help?

Go to the websites of the Mayo Clinic, The American Heart Association, The American Dietetic Association and even the The Cancer Society. All of these groups/organizations are far more credible and unbiased when it comes to health and nutrition and all include meat/dairy/eggs (the basic no-no of a vegan diet) in their recommended overall healthy diets/meal plans and shopping guides.

The responses of the vegans/vegetarians are typical self serving stereotypes by the fanatics that imply just because someone is vegan/vegetarian, they are automatically healthy as if they took some sort magic pill. Being a vegan/vegetarian is the end all purpose of their lives, nothing else matters.

You are alive so obviously meat and milk hasn't killed you. Billions of other people eat meat and none of them develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc (these diseases are all part of the vegan mantra against meat)
Milk has been around for more then ten thousand years. Billions of people have consumed milk regularly without ill effects. Vegan and vegetarian propaganda speak against the the product because they object to the process by which it is obtained. (Militant/Activist) Vegans in particular oppose the use of animals (calling it exploitation) but have been largely ignored so they are trying a different tack, mainly by demonizing milk. The hypocrisy against animal "exploitation" is highlighted however by vegans insisting their pets are not called "pets" but "animal companions" as if a simple name change means anything.

More toxic than plants? First that is not true. The most poisonous foods are plants. In fact most poisons are derived from plants. The most contaminated foods (10out of 12) are in fact plant foods. Of the last five big food recalls and health advisories (meaning foods contaminated to the point of not being for consumption even for animals), 4 were plant foods (the last one being the egg scare a few months back)

the only stupid thing you did was to ask this in this section where most vegans know hack sh*t about nutrition or food science beyond what they read of their favorite sites. Notice how you vegan friend and the other posters sound almost identical. That's what happens when you get your information from the same biased source.
How much you wanna bet a "vegan biologist" will answer with obscure websites and "studies" that have been proved wrong before.