Saturday, April 16, 2011

How many of you women with pcos?

had success getting pregnant on metformin and how long did it take? how many of you also had to change your diet and what did you do to fix it so it fit your lifestyle? did you exercise? sorry for so many questions but i just got diagnosed with pcos the other day and me and my fiance are kinda planning on having a baby in the near future. before i found out i had pcos i started weight watchers and i've lost inches and about 10 pounds. will losing weight help me conceive?

Answer on How many of you women with pcos?

I also have pcos.. metformin alone will not help you get pregnant. It is more of a hormone therapy.. It can be combined with clomid which is what I did to get pregnant... Alot of women with pcos are overweight and need to lose a moderate amount of weight to aid in conception. It's not always necessary though. Depends on your body! Good luck :)

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