Saturday, January 15, 2011

High Protein - Low carb diet?

I was on a blood type diet, a year ago, and I thought my blood type was A, so I did the A diet, but I wasnt looking lean. I want to get really lean and lithe. And it turned out that My blood type was wrong, Im not an A , but an O.. So 2 weeks ago I went on a sort of paleolithic diet, high protien low carb, I feel really energized, and in my skin. But I want to get ripped and get the madonna look, I am very fit, but not super lean I have like 20% body fat.. But I gym 3x a week and do cardio 5x a week... And that includes dance and running, a total of 2 hours a day.. And Its still not getting me super lean. How do I get lean?

Answer on High Protein- Low carb diet?

just wondering - how low is your carb intake in grams ?
what i have done is limit my carbs to just 1 meal at lunch (less than 20 grams,green salads,green veg etc) with protein and ALL the rest of my meals are ALL protein (10 per day) and that in conjunction with cardio (boxing,skipping,sparring ,punch bag,ab intensive workouts) lifting weights (breakfast ,8 egg whites ,water,black coffee) has reduced my BF % to 4 - 5% -
then at the weekend i carb refill once again to kickstart anabolism from the glycogen / insulin response but you may want to postpone that until your BF % has lowered to around the 12% level so basically just keep doing what you are doing in terms of exercise but take another look at the total carb grams AND what sort of carbs they are - only fibrous - no fruit,juices,complex starchy etc,good luck