Monday, January 3, 2011

Lady Gaga ticket help?

Hello Guys,
Well, I have discovered a few weeks ago that Lady Gaga, had recently added a few new dates to her Monster Ball tour, I went to look if there was a show near me (New York/New Jersey) & I found one at the nassau collessium April, 25th 2011.

Well, this news had made me very happy, (not to expand the story) I know you'll find yourselves skipping through most of this but, This was exciting. I had been trying so hard to get tickets for her & this could be it! I went on and saw some pre-sales that costed up to $600 which is waaay beyond what my mother can afford for a concert, so I guess my first question would be, Do tickets sell out during pre-sales, or are their only limited amounts for them?

I also found out the tickets go on sale Monday (which is two days from now), 10:00 AM and I have school then, so my mom sad to remind her so she can buy them. I know it's probably right to buy them the SECOND they go on sale.

I have no clue how to work this out, I will call her at school when it's time & I have that kind of sorted out, but I have recently seen some of those tickets being sold on other websites like stubhub, etc. & I'm kind of worried. I need some suggestions on buying these tickets, so If you can answer on maybe before Monday that would be to my finest expectations! Thank You!

I don't mind, but I would very much appreciate info. from someone who has been to a Gaga concert, or has bought some recent tickets!

God Bless You Little Monsters! ;)
& Thanks again! xo

Answer on Lady Gaga ticket help?

I have bought lady gaga concert tickets online at . They still are on sale.