Saturday, December 10, 2011

Military...Italy...Blonde.....Puerto Rican.....PERFECT!!?

I need to find a way to talk to this girl...kind of find a way for me to finally man up to talk to her. She's in one of my classes, if that helps.

She knows i like her.
We're somewhat friends.
Her dad's in the military so she's gonna have to move to Italy in the Summer of 2011.
I only have this school year to spend with her.
We're in 9th grade.
She doesn't like me like that much, probably because she thinks i'm different in a strange way, not immature, not anything bad, but strange, and she knows i'm very smart.
I want to make the best of our time left together. She's perfect for me, blonde and puerto rican (NO OFFENSE).
She looks good.
She's 4 inches shorter than me, the perfect height for us to hug like a real couple.
She's different from the rest, not a girly girl.
She's smart.
She's athletic.
Tips on my next move.

Answer on Military...Italy...Blonde.....Puerto Rican.....PERFECT!!?

Bust a move, but no really go with confidence and just talk to her, and ask if she wants to eat with you sometime or hang out.