Monday, September 5, 2011

Is America a third-world country?

In my area, there are people setting up "illegal" stores in their neighborhoods and getting busted for it. The problem is, many people are coming out and supporting them because the economy is bad and these people aren't doing anything with drugs or narcotics. Yes, these "illegal" stores are in the hood, but these guys are just trying to make some money because they can't find jobs.

Has America come to this? I see a lot of Americans laughing at "third-world" countries all the time, but how much of that "first world, third-world" nonsense is racial? There are a good many countries in the supposed third world that really aren't any worse than America, and in fact, have a better quality of life. Italy is supposedly VERY bad in Naples and Sicily. Much of Eastern Europe should be considered the third world, but they aren't because the people are white.

Due to some of the stupid policies we have, will America eventually have to admit it is a developing country? All the signs are there that we are about to become VERY POOR.

Answer on Is America a third-world country?

Umm to the person who said " Did you not study history" or wat ever did you even read the question geez...idiot

I think it all depends on your definition of developing country...The world reconizes a developed country as one who has a centrailized goverment...allows its people to live free and safe...and does not rely mainly on agurcultural basically a country needs to have industrys..

Not everything in this world is based on race....The World considers china to be a developing country but yet they re bailing us have to look at things as a whole...yes the US is in a bind but we still live in a safe enviroment we are an industrilized country our people our free and safe and we have a steady military and goverment in place...

And their our plenty of european countrys that are still developing..theirs more to a developed country than just money theirs many things that make a developed country