Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lose 5 lbs in 4 weeks? URGENT!!!!?

I need to lose at least 5 lbs in 4 weeks to play football? I started practice which'll make me lose around 2-3 lbs and then i need to lose the rest at home... I started a new diet where I don't eat too many carbs and just cut out fatty foods so I'm mainly eat omelette for breakfast, run on treadmill for 20 min, eat an apple and a piece of white bread with cheese for lunch, then run or go walking for 40, finally eat rice and vegetables for dinner and go walking for 20. This schedule is for a few days only, I have other things that I'll do. So do you think it's good? If not please give some tips? I'm 13 and a guy. I weigh 135 lbs and I need to get to 130 or below to play? I'm 5'3". I have football practice for 2 hours a day on M-F. So what can I do on the weekends to lose 2-3 lbs? I go to the local gym and play basketball for 2 hours. Then in the afternoon I go swimming. Do you think I should go swimming after running? To calm my muscles and relax but burn calories? And what should I eat right before exercising and afterwards? A banana? Do you think I could do this in 4 weeks with this workout?

Monday- Football practice 2 hours
Tuesday-Football practice 2 hours
Wednesday-Football practice 2 hours
Thursday-Football practice 2 hours
Friday-Football practice 2 hours
Saturday-Running 30 min Walking 30 min Swimming 1-2 hours (MAYBE 2 hours basketball)
Sunday- Running 30 min Walking 30 min Swimming 1-2 hours (MAYBE 2 hours basketball)

So please help!

Answer on Lose 5 lbs in 4 weeks? URGENT!!!!?

Refer to my last answer, I guarantee it'll help you out!