Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waking up with headaches often.?

So most people I've consulted with on this issue say to "See a doctor". Well I'm recently layed off and don't have health insurance, or money for a doctor, so seeing a doctor isn't an option. I'm hoping there is someone who is familiar with this issue and can possibly provide some insight. I've done hours upon hours of research and testing with no luck so far.

I'm 28 years old, and about 2 years ago I started waking up with strong headaches on a regular basis, about once a week, sometimes twice. Many times the headaches will be accompanied by nausea, but not always. They are strong enough to make it extremely difficult and miserable to work (when I was working), took every bit of effort I could muster to not go home sick. Now when I'm at home, they are usually bad enough that they pretty much keep me on the couch the first half of the day. It generally seems to be a headache in the whole front half of my head, and they are generally very difficult to get rid of, usually taking till about noon or 1pm on average before I feel better.

Now the thing I find so odd, is I am a very healthy individual, and probably live a healthier lifestyle than 95% of americans. I am in great shape, muscular, about 12% body fat. I get plenty of exercise, 1-2 times a week I'm at the gym, and 3 or more times a week I'm doing sports and other physical activities outdoors. I eat healthy, sticking as close as I can to the food pyramid, recommended intake of calories / fat, etc. I never eat any fried food at all, and limit or eliminate as much as possible any foods with MSG, High fructose corn syrup, Partially hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners. I don't smoke, rarely drink, and don't do any drugs (with the exception of headache medicines when I get a headache). And I'm constantly doing activities to keep my mind sharp. I have no known health problems, and don't really have any unhealthy habits.

I've done much research into possible causes, and heres some various things I've tested or tried. I don't seem to to be grinding my teeth at night, I've got headaches even when sleeping with my mouth open. I don't seem to have any breathing problems in my sleep, rarely snore (and if I ever did, my girlfriend will rotate me in a heartbeat), my girlfriend says I seem to breathe fine. I have hypo allergenic pillows, and hypo allergenic memory foam topper, even though I have no known allergies, figured I'd block dust mites as much as possible. I've tried drinking extra water in case its dehydration, but doesn't seem to make a difference. I've tried eating before bed, not eating before bed, etc. Doesn't seem to have any different effect. I live in a good clean house with no known mold or toxins, and I actually moved here from a different house a year ago, so it doesn't seem to be anything related to where I'm living. I've tried changing my diet around to see if any sort of certain food was causing it, but couldn't seem to find any sort of link to any particular food.

Back when I was working I was blaming the headaches on lack of sleep, and possibly stress (even though I'm a pretty stress free guy). However after being layed off for a few months I've been getting good sleep, and no stress, but still getting them.

Two years of trying all sorts of things and I still haven't found any sort of link to what could be causing them. Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be, or new things to try?

Answer on Waking up with headaches often.?

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? It could be that, sinuses or a tension headache. I used to wake up with headaches and was told it was tension and blood pressure. They were bad in the morning and in the afternoon it gets better. If it gets worst, I advise you to go to an emergency room before things get worst and one morning you may not wake up at all.