Monday, March 7, 2011

Does he sound like a real cop.... is he bluffing.. how do I find him? cuz I'd like to press charges and make?

him loose his job or get him charged for impersonating a cop, so he never becomes one cuz we need one less cop (like this) in this world.

He told me which division he works at, he told me which school he went to, to take police foundations. When I offered him coke, marijuana, mdma he declined he told me that he doesn't do that **** (not that I had any, I just wanted to see if he was bluffin) I asked for his badge number but he told me he wouldn't give it to me, but he would give me his name.

Me my girl him and his boy were walking back from the club to the parking lot ( where my car was parked) he didnt want me to drive and I refused, he told me he would pay for a cab instead but I didnt want to leave my car there so he showed me a key chain like thing that said the police departments name on it, he told me that he could have me arrested right now cuz his job was on the line (DAMMMN right).

I asked to see his badge and he refused cuz he doesnt "flash his badge like that randomly he has "morals," apparently not. So he did 2 parts of the sobriety test with me to convince me I couldn't drive (which I failed) but In the end I convinced him to let me drive and he let me. So im driving down on a one way honking at ppl.... I was overtaking vehicles crossing the median on the left side onto oncomming vehicles, with this soo called cop in my car. 10 mins in he made me pull over he took the keys from me cuz he was having a nervous breakdown saying how he was going to loose his job blah blah blah but then I needed to pee "SOO" bad, he told me to go pee outside which I didnt want to do (cop allows public urination?) so he let me drive again after I managed to get the keys back from him... while I was driving he asked for my lighter which I had in my hand to light his cigg up and when I didnt give him the lighter he pulled some cop move on me which seems legit, like it actually hurt.

Anyways point is this is either a cop or a cop in the making... and not a very good one. So how do I go about finding him, I know exactly what he looks like.. i can describe his looks in one word.. Drake.. hes Spanish and I know which division he works for... whats the worst I can do? Hopefully he looses his badge or never becomes a police officer.

Answer on Does he sound like a real cop.... is he bluffing.. how do I find him? cuz I'd like to press charges and make?

Sounds FALSE.
No Badge probably a Willa Be Wan ta be cop.