Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guys are so

So, I'm not too sure how to put this, there's this guy, I don't know if he likes me but everyone thinks he does. Anyone tell from a few things?
-I walked with him for hours just talking.
-We put zillions of kisses on texts.
-He saw me walking with another guy (just a friend) got the wrong idea and shouted about how he better look after me, then hugged me.
-He had a go at the other guy on facebook + stopped when I explained he was just a friend.
-He invited me to his new flat.
-He likes my status's about wanting to kiss someone.
-His little brother (my friend) told me in a joking way that I'd made out with him (I haven't even kissed him) then covered up his tracks by saying the same about himself.

My head's confused....x

Answer on Guys are so

And girls are not? Anyway, He likes you. Unfortunately he's just to afraid to "actually" tell you, for fear that you might not feel the same about him. So next time you have the chance, provided you don't feel too awkward about it, try talking to him. If he denies it then leave it at that! never to put anymore meaning to whatever he's doing. But chances are he's just too chicken to say it to your face. so next time you get the chance, ask him! and be done with it.