Sunday, December 5, 2010

Will i ever get married or at least meet a nice guy?

Im going through that 25 year old realization that i am single, independent, strong chick who is not getting married for i dont know how long. Meanwhile every 25 or younger chick i know is getting engaged, married, having babies, living a life where she can go on trips to the bahamas or italy.

I am a career driven woman, who doesn't want kids but i do want to get married and be with someone in life. If they want kids i will think about possibl having them but right now in my life i dont want them. I have a small dog and she is good for now as my baby lol. I was in a serious relationship that ended a year and a half ago and it was a rough road to get past because i thought my life was pretty settled with him. But then things changed and now i am someone i totally thought i would be or be able to achieve for that matter. I am more focused on my career then anything. I have been dating but most of the men i meet are not men they are grown men with boy mentalities. And all the good guys are well taken and most of the people i know like i said are now getting engaged at my age. I always thought i would be engaged when i was 25, and wed soon after and then live in a house or condo with my husband while we both worked in our careers. I know it sounds harsh but i am so sick of engagments. I feel like i am going to become a bitter woman about it and then i won't be able to find someone. A matter of fact i feel like i will intimidate some men because i am so driven and ambitious as well as i have been taking care of myself on my own for a while and iv stayed single by choice because iv been trying to work on myself. But im telling you that dating is so hard. And i just want to know if there are really good guys out there. Ones that will except me for my pros and con, and how i can meet one. I don't trust the dating sights and i actually never used one i don't want to pay x amount to of money per month to maybe meet someone I want to literally meet them by bumping into them. I just don't know where to look. I am not a clubber or bar person and i know that a bar isn't a place to meet the man i am looking for. So ....please and advice would help in how i can meet a guy that is a good man? And i mean if im not with someone now or not married does that mean i will be alone?

Answer on Will i ever get married or at least meet a nice guy?

Bless your heart, Heather! I am faced with the same issue. I am a 30 yr single guy that is apart or attending all my friends weddings. I agree with you, dating is hard. I am considered nice looking,hard working,and a good person. But, I can't find a good woman. To answer your question, where to look? anywhere, I once dated a girl I met in the check out line at my local super market. She dropped a can of green bean and I picked it up for her...that's how we met. So, you can meet people in everyday situations. I have a couple of friends that met in church and one that met at a book store. The important thing is not to get bitter or down about being single. I hope you find the guy you're looking for soon! Good luck