Saturday, November 13, 2010

Help I think I really like this girl.?

Im 27 and I have always Been in to men but I have been friends with her for a year, she likes girls, and she likes me. Im staring to have feeling for her Im curios but a little scared. I really want her. I don't know how my friends will react. If they find out. Has anyone else had this happen before.
How did you deal with This?

Answer on Help I think I really like this girl.?

Well, I haven't had this happen to me, although i have several gay/lesbian and bisexual friends. There is nothing wrong with it. You need to stop worrying about what your friends will think, say or feel because ultimately this is your life and nobody can be in control but you. If they are real friends then they will be happy for you and support you. They will only love you for who you are, if not then to hell with them. I think you need to face your fears and let them go because if you really want her then go get her. Talk to her about how you feel and I am sure this will spark something to happen. Trust me, being curious is not wrong or bad, is actually good.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!