Saturday, July 3, 2010

French Songs for Teens?

i was wondering if... anyone knows any french artists that are popular that a teenager like me might like.
the only french singer i know right now is Amel Bent, are there any more that sing like her?

The singers i like that speak english are... Miley cyrus, britney spears, demi lovato, selena gomez, christina aguilera, carrie underwood and a few more that i cant think of right now.
is there any french music similar to theirs? please answer and ty :P

oh btw i'm asking because i feel like listening to french music will help me learn french even more, besides teachings from school

Answer on French Songs for Teens?

Fatal Bazooka(They're F'ing hilarious):…

Alizee:… (She kinda sings in both English and French, and a lil spanish, but, she's one of my favorite French artists.)


You said artist, but, check this song out:… it's the shxt and it's very meaningful.

Weight loss after AntiDepressants?

I have been on antidepressants for 2 years and have gain about 15 pounds since being on the pills. It has been two weeks that I have been drug free. My question is, has anyone that has stop taking anti depressants lost the weigth they gained, and if so was is as easy as stopping the meds?

Answer on Weight loss after AntiDepressants?

I was on Klonapin for about five years or so. I was switched to Xanax. After being taken off of it I lost fifty pounds without even having to diet. I know that anti-depressents do make you gain weight even without an increased appetite. I am Bipolar so I can't stop taking the meds but if I could I would probably drop another fifty pounds. Good Luck