Friday, February 26, 2010

Can anyone name me things connected with Italy?

I'm working on a small project, i was wondering if anyone can help me... just give me a list of anything that you might associate with the Italian popular culture... anything Italian, objects, people, places, food, films, phrases/sayings, etc... thank you, i look forward to seeing ur answers

Answer on Can anyone name me things connected with Italy?

i'm italian..what do u want know exactly?
-Foods:Pizza,pasta,but there are many other delicious foods that you hardly know
-Phrases:ciao come stai'(how are u?),cme ti chiami(what's ur name?),quanti hanni hai (how old are u?)
-Places:Rome (Colosseo,Musei Vaticani),Florence 8musei degli uffizzi),Villa Adriana (Near rome),Veniece,milan...=9 there are lots of beautiful cities
-Flims:mm..La vita e bella..with roberto benigni..Un americano a roma..with Alberto sordi..La dolce vita..they're old flims,tutto la'more del mondo,l'ultimo bacio 8the last kiss)..and others
=9 if u want i give u my msn u can have other things!