Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why are nowadays pop culture and entertainment so cheap and vulgar and artificial?

I mean look at those haircuts! Especially this Justin Bieber's one! Listen to those cheap songs of Kesha or Lady Gaga or Beyonce or Usher! This is so flimsy! Why does everyone want to be like the others? There is no originality in this modern entertainment world! All the teens of nowadays want to look like these teen idols, and they wear this vulgar clothing, and have these stupid Justin Bieber haircuts! Why do all these modern TV shows, and Teen movies, and comedies, and this CSI series, and all this 'fun stuff' ressemble to each other so much? Its all the same: all the comedies - the same theme of this family life and stereotypes, all these teen movies - teenagers life stereotypes, all these entertainment films are so cheap! And I'm not even mentioning the modern music we hear every day, that makes us want to vomit or run away or switch off the radio! The 80s were so much better! It was also a cheap era, but at least it had some originality, beauty and the people of that generation had better tastes: clothing, haircuts, music, style!
Just tell me, am I right? Or you dont really agree with me? Why?

Answer on Why are nowadays pop culture and entertainment so cheap and vulgar and artificial?

In short, because it's easy. Making something cheap and unoriginal isn't much of a challenge. Coming up with something innovative or high-quality takes time, brainpower, and collaboration.

These days, a lot of producers in Hollywood are just out to make a quick buck, which is why we've seen so many reality shows in the past decade. They're far cheaper to make than a drama or comedy where they actually have to pay writers and actors rather than just advertising for media w****s.