Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ROME AND PISA???!!!!!!!?

I plan to go to Rome for a week and to Pisa for a weekend in October. I know its cooler in October around low 60s F for high and low 50s F for low correct? I know it rains but does in rain a lot in October? I heard Rome and Pisa is cheaper in the off season. What is all to do there besides tour the Colosseum and the leaning tower? Is there a zoo,aquarium,amusement parks? Is October still a good time to go? How much is the cheapest bus or train from Rome to Pisa and which is cheaper the bus or train and how long does each take? Is Rome the best city to tour in Italy? What is there all to do in Venice and how far from Rome? I know there's ignorance every where you go but for the most part are the people in Italy towards Americans? Do the women there like BLACK American men?

Answer on ROME AND PISA???!!!!!!!?

Staying in Rome you have all your time to visit Pisa in a day trip. Pisa is small and the best monuments are all in the same places (Piazza dei Miracoli).

The best way to go to Pisa is a regional train starting at Roma Ostiense: one starts at 10.16am and arrives in Pisa at 2.15pm; to come back there is one that starts from Pisa at 5.45pm and arrives in Roma Ostiense at 9.37pm, another starts at 7.56pm and arrives in Roma Ostiense at 11.39pm. The price one way is 16,45 euros. You could take the same train at Roma Termini, but the price is a bit higher (17,65 euros).

Venice is totally different: it is much more difficult to reach from Rome (by trains it takes 5 hours, and the price is high) and is really full of amazing things to see, you can't expect to have a good idea of it in less than 2-3 days. A day trip from Rome is not manageable.

In October it is neither warm nor very cold. At noon one can have also more than 20°C. In Rome it may rain but it may also be very fine.

It is impossible to describe Rome in so little space. But it is sure you won't need to look for zoos or amusement parks. You can find them also in America, and above all Rome offers so many art treasures and urban athmospheres that going to an amusement park would mean wasting one's time.

Italians are usually very fond of American people and culture, though many don't agree American politics (especially the former Bush government). I'm not a woman so I can't answer the last question, but be sure Italian women are not all the same.