Saturday, July 3, 2010

French Songs for Teens?

i was wondering if... anyone knows any french artists that are popular that a teenager like me might like.
the only french singer i know right now is Amel Bent, are there any more that sing like her?

The singers i like that speak english are... Miley cyrus, britney spears, demi lovato, selena gomez, christina aguilera, carrie underwood and a few more that i cant think of right now.
is there any french music similar to theirs? please answer and ty :P

oh btw i'm asking because i feel like listening to french music will help me learn french even more, besides teachings from school

Answer on French Songs for Teens?

Fatal Bazooka(They're F'ing hilarious):…

Alizee:… (She kinda sings in both English and French, and a lil spanish, but, she's one of my favorite French artists.)


You said artist, but, check this song out:… it's the shxt and it's very meaningful.