Saturday, July 10, 2010

Business Oriented Minds, an Italian Lady needs your help please!?

Hi Guys,
Due to this world crysis, life in Italy is becoming very difficult. Unemployement is increasing and get a permanent job is almost impossible nowadays.
As I lived and worked a couple of years in your beautiful country (precisely in London), I know you are very kind and smart people. That's why I am asking for your help, please!
I would like to use my abilities (I am an Account Manager and I have now about 10 years experience, ohh I'm getting old!!) and my communcation skill in order to open my individual company soon. So my questoin to you all my beloved Engllish friends is: what kind of service from/about Italy do you think you would like to have? I mean there are companies already selling Italian foods and drinks and I just would like to have a special idea, with your help of course please. I am now thinking from a couple of weeks but still I feel I don't have the right idea. One more thing, my husband to be is an Italian Chef, maybe I will involve his skills as well in the future...even if I know he is food related.
I hope you will be so kind to answer me, every kind of suggestions will be really appreciated, even a single word, even that idea which looks crazy to you!!!
Thank you so much, I miss your country every single day!

Answer on Business Oriented Minds, an Italian Lady needs your help please!?

You could act as a Tour Guide of Italy, taking groups of Brits around your lovely country, where your fiance cooks a regional speciality in each place that you stop.