Saturday, June 19, 2010

Renesmee and Jacob Fan Fiction Youtube Story!!?

Hi, I made a trailer for my Renesmee and Jacob Fan Fiction Story on Youtube! (Link will be posted below)

Basically, this is the plotline. Renesmee (Selena Gomez) is finally at the age (16 but she's really siz but it feels weird to say she's six) that her feelings for Jacob (Taylor Lautner) have changed from friend to love. They both share a common feeling for a while until Jacob, after a huge argument, tells Renesmee that he never loved her and it was a lie. Months later, Jacob has been dating her best friend, Kaylee (Taylor Swift). Jacob proposes to Kaylee, leaving Renesmee heartbroken. At the wedding, Renesmee tries to intervene, but Jacob tells her "he needs to move on with his life." Renesmee has been "pretending" to work with a fashion company in Rome (She is really, however, just staying in Seattle.) At the end of the wedding, realizing her love for Jake never went away, tells Jacob that she needs time for herself and leaves to go to Paris. In Paris, Renesmee is ignoring all of Jake's, Kaylee's, and her family's calls, texts, emails. After a phone call from Emmet saying that Jacob and his wife moved to another town(which is a trick to get her to come home), Renesmee comes back to Forks after a year. Renesmee bumps into Kaylee, who informs her that they decided not to move so she could raise her future child there. Renesmee is shocked to hear that Kaylee and Jake are attempting to conceive a child. Also, Jake and Ness are no longer civil towards each other as both seem to say insulting jokes towards each other and fight often. Alice, seeing how upset Renesmee is, calls Nahuel (Justin Bieber), a half vamp/human friend from Breaking Dawn, to come visit her in Forks. The two begin to love each other, which aggravates Jake, but he denies it constantly. Soon, Renesmee is offered a ring from (a person) and is torn. She goes to her father (Edward Cullen) and he tells her it's too late while he's holding (someone's) baby.

Tell me what you think! If you like it explan why, if you don't explain why.

Also, I picked Selena because she did have a "relationship" with Taylor Lautner in real and also she kinda fit the part since Renesmee is sorta of "bad" after coming back from Paris. Taylor Swift has that bubbly personality I needed, she is in real life best friends with Selena, and has dated Taylor Lautner. Justin Bieber, I just picked him because he is "dating" Selena and also, there are many pictures online of them kissing and hanging out!


Answer on Renesmee and Jacob Fan Fiction Youtube Story!!?

Try this, Have fun.