Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is with kids shows pushing drama and romance lately?

My channels are setup so Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network are in a row like that. Anyway a few nights ago I put on nick and I saw Drake making out with some girl. Then I flipped to Disney and saw Zack and Cody fighting over some girl. I then flipped to Cartoon Network and saw some show I am not familiar with showing some cartoon with this guy asking another girl out. Any comments?

Answer on What is with kids shows pushing drama and romance lately?

Media always makes an effort to stay one step ahead of the additudes of the people that watch them. Since no one would watch it if it featured completely common everyday things. Since for the most part the kids that watch those shows are just beginning to be attracted to the idea of romance, but are still to immature to pursue it in real life, the characters in the show are essentially acting out the kids desires. Just watch and another few years from now the stuff your seeing on those shows will be common place after each passing age of kids/teens become more and more like the characters they watch (even though maturity wise they are obviously not ready for it).