Saturday, April 17, 2010

History help please no haters please ..?

Although it is sometimes difficult to explain the goals of the New Deal, what were the key ideas of the legislation?
(Points: 3)
relief for people in need; recovery for the economy; and reform to prevent future problems

assisting failing businesses; buying out the banks; and providing unemployment insurance

bailing out the banks; rescuing people's savings; and stabilizing the monetary system

restoring faith in the banks; rescuing people in need; and stabilizing the international economy

12. How did the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration benefit people?
(Points: 3)
Both helped the government make money.

Both provided jobs.

Both protected the environment.

Both helped produce military goods.

13. Which New Deal agencies still exist today?
(Points: 3)




14. Why was the Social Security Act an important part of President Roosevelt's plan for America?
(Points: 3)
It gave every American a guaranteed income from birth to death.

It continues to help retirees, disabled, and dependent mothers and children.

It kept people from being unemployed.

It made people believe that the government was there for them.

15. Dictators took power in Europe and Asia during the 1930s. What made that possible?
(Points: 3)
People turned to the military to protect them from invaders.

Dictators promised prosperity and order.

People believed dictators could prevent war.

Dictators offered new political systems that promised peace.

16. What happened in Germany, Italy, and Spain during the 1930s?
(Points: 3)
Fascist dictators assumed power.

Leaders rose to meet the challenges of the times.

Parliamentary governments had difficulty forming coalitions.

Democracy prevailed with governments struggling to pay off war debts.

17. Adolf Hitler became the "fuhrer" in Germany. The Italian dictator was known as "il duce." What was his name?
(Points: 3)




18. How did some European leaders create conflict that led to requests for the League of Nations to help?
(Points: 3)
They invaded other countries to gain new territory.

They raised taxes to a very high level.

They refused to repay debts.

They captured soldiers from other countries.

19. Why did the United States pass five neutrality laws in the 1930s?
(Points: 3)
The United States was encouraging everyone to avoid war.

Congress wanted a return to isolationism.

The government was fine-tuning policy toward other nations.

Congress was unwilling to develop additional alliances.

20. What program did Franklin Roosevelt develop to provide supplies to the English while also establishing a U.S. presence on military bases in Bermuda, Newfoundland, and the West Indies?
(Points: 3)
Supply and Land


Cash and Carriers


Answer on History help please no haters please ..?

I can only help with some-
15. Dictators promised...
16. Fascist....
17. Mussolini....
18. They Invaded....
20. Lend-Lease

*hope this helps