Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diet and work out program?


I am obese and have tried many fad diets lose gain ect. I have a gym membership and I would like to know how long should I work out for currently I can do 30 min on the elliptical than I leave. What else should I do?

As for diet what is a healthy diet? Not a low/no carb diet because I just wont stick to it. Im not saying that so I can eat junk food. I eat healthy whole grains like brown rice and whole grain bread. I also don't wanna eat chicken and salad 2 meals a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. I have tried it its ok for a few days but it get boring.

I am looking to lose 40lbs in 130 days(5 months 11 days) that's about 2.2lbs a week. It doesn't mean I want to stop the healthy life style after 130 days its just a goal its not my goal weight just a goal (wedding anniversary) and I read a weight loss of 2lbs a week is "healthy" so it seamed to work out. And I'm not unreasonable if i lost 25 or 30 by then I wouldn't feel like a failure.

So any ideas?

Answer on Diet and work out program?

Hi Sharon,

First off, i would like to say that you've taken pro active steps by signing up for a gym membership and even doing current workouts on the elliptical machine. Be sure not to let this membership go to waste.

1) You may want to try getting a personal trainer. They can guide you with the exercises and also monitor and accelerate your progress. This also keeps you motivated and it sure beats the hell out of working out alone. You may want to check with your doctor to see that you're in good health to take on a serious exercise program.

2) Doing cardio is great. However, you might want to look into what is called "high intensity interval training" It basically means you alternate between slow, moderate and fast pace. This method has been proven to burn fat a lot faster than constant moderate cardio exercise. This also takes shorter period of time to complete as it can be quite vigorous. You can also apply this method with different cardio machines, ex. 5min on treadmill, 5min on elliptical, 5min on stationary bike and back to 5min on treadmill. This kills the boredom of having to stick on one machine all the time. You can google this method (high intensity interval training), there's tons of information on this.

3) You might also want to in-corporate weight training into your program. Don't worry about getting those "big muscles" Trust me, you need to really lift heavy weights to get big! Moderate weight training strengthens and tones muscles. Muscles are burns fat through out the day, even while you are sitting down watching t.v. and while you are sleeping. All weight loss programs that i've come across always have these two (Cardio and weight training) combined for maximum and fast results.

Be aware of programs that focuses on getting you to diet alone as the weight loss is only temporary from water retention. these diets will make you lose muscle after a while, which leaves you feeling weak. When you no longer can stand this diet program and go back to regular eating, Boom! you put on fat as there's not enough muscle to burn the food that you start to consume.

4) I can see that you're already used to eating brown rice and brown bread. Let me tell you, not many people can stand eating that. You don't have to stick to the same low fat foods all the time. The body will get bored of it and knows what is going into the body. When you mix different low fat foods, your body will keep guessing, plus proteins and vitamins comes from many different kinds of foods. Visit different workout websites and see what diets they recommend.

5) You have a very realistic goal for your time frame. Remember, you need to enjoy your workouts and diets. So mix it up, sticking to the same routine all the time not only gets boring, it also slows down your progress. Have fun with your journey and keep researching. Hope this helps! :-)

All the best