Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why do I have so much trouble believing I lost weight?

I've been on a diet and exercising for about three months now and I've lost 13 pounds. I'm down to 113 from 126. I don't know why, but I feel like it isn't real. Like one day I'm going to step on the scale and I'll weigh more than I started. It's a terrible feeling. I feel like I'm just as fat as when I started, so there can't be any way I've actually lost weight. My measurements have all shrunk though, and I'm down four sizes in pants. From a size four to a zero. I'm scared that I'll reach my goal weight, which is 100 pounds, I'll still feel like this. Is this normal? What can I do to not feel like this? I'm a sixteen year old girl by the way.

Answer on Why do I have so much trouble believing I lost weight?

I dont want to scare you, but you should be concerned. This is exactly how my eating disorder started. I started at 125, got down to 111, and then my goal was 100. I got down to 100 and for awhile I was satisfied, but then i became obsessed with my food intake. I started barely eating or drinking anything. If my weight fluctuated the tiniest bit I would have aggressive anxiety and feel terrible. You may not feel that intensely now, but it can come to that. My best advice is to tell your parents. You don't have to sit them down and make it a serious talk. Just tell them you would like some help with your dieting and would like to see a nutritionist. My nutritionist has helped me to maintain a healthy weight that I'm comforotable with. It took some time for me to see my body the way it really was, but I have. I still struggle sometimes but its better then obsessing all the time about it. I hope you see a nutritionist and find peace with your body :).