Sunday, February 7, 2010

Help boyfriend lose weight? Please help! (airforce)?

Recently, my boyfriend has moved in with my family (Dad, three little brothers, and myself). My dad and brothers are not the healthiest of people, we as a family eat a lot of junk food and my dad and brothers eat that plus fast food 4 or 5 times a week (i need an answer other than 'cut out fast food' because thats a given!) lol Anyway, back to my boyfriend. He is a senior in high school and needs to cut down weight because his plan is to go into the airforce right after he graduates. A few months back he was saying how he needed to lose around 50 lbs by that time to be able to go to basic training. He has kept putting it off and putting it off and now here we are, almost November with not a lot to show for it. He goes running every now and then (he claimed he NEEDED an ipod or mp3 to be more motivated while he runs so he will go further... so we got him an ipod, there goes that excuse!) I feel like he looked a little slimmer at one point but im afriad he has gained it right back....

He is in shape, just needs to cut down pounds fast! Its not like he's some fat kid that can't run...

What i need to know is:
-How can i make him man up and get this done! (i know 'i cant make him do it' & 'i cant do it for him"... need better answers)
-I'm cleaning out my family's kitchen! No more swiss cake rolls! What kind of foods should i buy for him?
-I feel like i could help him better if there was a certain diet i was concentrating on. like rules i could follow and certain foods i can keep him away from and vertain foods i should make him eat.
-if you can give me a certain diet, i need meal ideas (easy, please!) that i can cook for him and my family.
-does anyone have a good daily schedule that works well for them? I drive him to school in the mornings and he needs to be showered and ready to leave by about 6:50. & 3 or 4 times a week he works in the after noon, about 3:45 to 9:00pm average...
-anyother diet tips, planning meal tips, schedule tips or ANYTHING else?

I know this is rather long and out of order and looks like chaos, but i am very upset right now and need to get this thing moving for not only his future, but also OUR future. He will be proposing sometime next month.... i dont want to marry someone if i feel like they cant 'take care' of me, pursay...

thank you!

Answer on Help boyfriend lose weight? Please help! (airforce)?

1 Teach him to cook & grocery shop

#2 Split workouts to twice daily ... weights in the morning & cardio in the late afternoon. Divide the resistance training so workouts are not repeated any sooner than 72hrs.

#3 Eat breakfest, then spread the rest of the meals out (4-6 mini meals per day)

#4 Clean up the diet ... lean meats only -- only plant fats and eggs for dietary fats. Only real food -- no fast food, no pre-prepared food, no junk foods & oh yeah, stop the soda. Go with green tea if he needs caffiene

#5 Track body fat percenatge & make sure he is getting 0.8-1.0 gm of protien for every pound of lean body mass (weight minus fat)

#6 Sleep ... 8-9 hrs of sleep will help him metabolize fat & grow muscle

#7 Get away from the TV and computer ... need to go out and do real stuff

And don't be so hard on Julia .... sounds like you are babying him. And what about you? You joining? Girls gotta have lives too! The dual-military life can be tough, but the payoff in the end is sweet ... just make sure you guys are carefull choosing your jobs --- some are 9-5 like a reagular & some are 6-10 like being a slave.