Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to get people to follow you on twitter?

i just made an account nd dont rlly know about it o.o thx! btw ill follow you if you post ur usernaaame XD

Answer on How to get people to follow you on twitter?

I deliberately searched for people I knew on Twitter first. I followed them and they followed me.

I then started searching for people I wanted to follow or even companies. This includes authors, celebrities, fashion blogs, etc. Sometimes other followers will then follow you if you have the same interest.

Lastly, people will eventually flock to you and follow if they like what they're reading.

I tweet for my own use, plus I make money on the side. I also promote my work (I'm a freelance writer). The thing is you have readers even if they don't follow. I only have 50-something followers, but other people also see me.

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