Thursday, December 17, 2009

How should i deal with this? HELP!?

hi, my name is loreta i am 15. well here goes my story. I was 8 years old ..turning 9 and i went to italy one summer in 2004. I hung out with friends and family. The most i would hangout with is my cousin, loris. Somehow, we are related its a long story how we are . Aneways we used to play cards together ride bikes joke around...i knew him since i was 5 years old. So aneways, the last night i was there, i was with my friend, me and my friend were talking to him..nd then he asked if we could play a game. So i said 'what;s the game called' he said 'doctor' i said' how can we play'..then he demonstrated...but like i knew very little about u know, sex at that time. But he asked me not my friend and he didnt care if he was my cousin he wanted to do it with me. At the end he said ok ill just show u my penis. I said ok, but only show it to me. So we went to a secret place. he showed me then i said ok ok..then he was like ' take off ur pants' im like 'what? no, we had a deal just look' he said 'take them off' i did then he insertes his penis into me ..but it was just docotor..not really sex cause it lasted 5 min nd the only thing he did was just hold me . So after that we ran cause we figured sumone would be watching us but no one did. so he said' well, il see you next time u get here' He also said not to tell anyone nd i never did , only me and my friend know because she knew wat happened. So 2 years later i see him and he was with his girlfriend he was 13 i was 12...

Answer on How should i deal with this? HELP!?

if there was penetration of any kind then you did have sex

what is your actual question?

What are some good fat loss and muscle gain foods/diet?

What simple foods should i eat? Like i'd rather have a salad as a meal than an entire recipe which i will lose motivation doing. Thanks

Answer on What are some good fat loss and muscle gain foods/diet?

fish, whole grains, fiber veggies, nuts, salad very green