Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How do i find some one living in italy?

hi i know this girl only on first name basis she lives in sorrento italy how would i go about finding her she works in a computer shop has a daughter comes to sydney every 2 to 3 years etc can any one help me

Answer on How do i find some one living in italy?

Try to retrieve all the computer shop in Sorrento ( cannot be too many) and write to them.
www.paginebianche.it white pages
www.paginegialle.it yellow pages
If they don't know her,.... they will try to find her I betcha

Diet of World Cup Football players?

Hi everyone,

I was just watching a clip after a Manchester United game with an interview between the players. they were all drinking beers and Ronaldo was like eating a hamburger! (an old video)

Is this normal? aren't they on some kind of strict regimented meal plan which includes no alcohol or something? I know they need loads of carbohydrates but I though the nutritionists wouldn't let them eat such things.

What do they eat in particular during the world cup?

Answer on Diet of World Cup Football players?

That's normal, they eat what they want.