Tuesday, June 30, 2009

People's thoughts on Bodybuilding.?

My older brother has been getting into lifting weights this past year and has bought a ton of muscle mags (mostly muscle & fitness). I was curious and started looking through some of them. It kind of freaked me out with how many ads their were for "fast weight loss pills" and "muscle gorging protein shakes" I know people who read these magazines are usually pretty passionate about the hobby of bodybuilding and i was just wondering what were some people's thoughts on muscle mags and bodybuilding in general. thanks!

Answer on People's thoughts on Bodybuilding.?

i prefer boxing any day - and those mags ,well they are ALL just 1 big advert for the various products that the steroid freaks endorse or happen to mention in their 'how do you get cut for a contest' write up's - and those he/she's ,OMG,whatever happened to health and beauty,fitness pageants ,yes there okay as the steroid usage is under control,they do take certain diet stacks but nothing serious,works extremely fast though..

Workout routine for 15 yr. old? serious help please!?

well to start off im 15 and weigh about 95 pounds and my height is 5'2. i'd like a monday thru friday workout and rests in between! PLEASE HELP! some diet tips would also be appreciated! thanks ;-)

Answer on Workout routine for 15 yr. old? serious help please!?

Youre 15, 5'2" and 95 pounds??? You dont need to lose weight or go on a "diet", just do a simple half hour run a day to keep healthy.