Thursday, June 25, 2009

ThirtyTwo Lashed or Prime snowboard boots?

I am riding a 2010 Ride Society, with Drake SuperSport bindings. Needless to say this is a freestyle board, and I do most of my riding in the park. Which boot is lighter? More durable? Better for freestyle?

Answer on ThirtyTwo Lashed or Prime snowboard boots?

Uhmmmm basically when i went and picked out my boots...i found out that the primes are overall kind of heavy...but are waaaay better for freestyle...

However, I have had two pairs of lashed, they are sort of a medium weight, not too light...but still easy to move in..i have never had a problem with durability, i only bought a new pair because i gave the old ones to my sister...(they got too small) ...and as for using them towards freestyle...i mean i park board too so they work for me

i love the lashed and i dont know if i would want to switch to primes...but its all personal preference ...just throw em on and walk/jump around in them...see how heavy they both are to you