Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Group holiday - where should we go?

We want culture, sun, beaches and scenery, and we don't want to have to travel around to get it. We've more or less crossed Italy off the list because there's too much to do and we won't have time to simply relax... We want to enjoy each others company, and we all sort of decided against it.

Here are the places that we have expressed interest in...

Barcelona or southern Spain

1. If you have been to any of these, please describe your experience and how you liked it.

2. Which is best for culture?

3. Which is best for scenery?

4. Which is best for a hot climate?

5. Which do you think we, a group of about 6 girls (we'll be 18), should go to as a celebration of the end of A Level exams and why?

Thank you!

Answer on Group holiday - where should we go?

Out of your list I've been to all but Morocco. For history and culture Egypt, but it is not a good place for a group of single girls. For culture and good beaches/fun things to do i'd pick Portugal (split between Lisbon and the Algarve). For hot weather, good scenery and things to do both day and night, I'd choose Cyprus or Barcelona/Southern Spain (although what your bags in Barcelona!)

So, if I was choosing a destination for 6 18y/o girls. I think it would be either Cyprus or Greek Islands.