Friday, March 13, 2009

How to dress like Justin Bieber?

Dont judge me :L but I want to start copying Justin Bieber's style

I'm kinda on a budget, but I reckon I can afford two Bieber-esque outfits. so what websites/store should I look in?

And also what should I say tomorrow when i go to the hairdressers? I'm a bit embarrased to actually ask for a Justin Bieber but if i cant find an easy way of phrasing it then i suppose i can just say "do me a Bieber"

So if you could give me some handy tips that would be very gratefully recieved

And please dont use this thread for degrading comments and venting your hatred for Bieber

Answer on How to dress like Justin Bieber?

I have nothing against justin bieber
But why would anybody want to look like him unless you're 12 years old. Girls who like him are really really young, and once they get to about 15 they realise he looks like a baby and hes not very fit;