Tuesday, January 13, 2009

(Traduzione) English to Italian?

English to italian?
Hello italy....can you please translate this text in simple english to italian for me...(please translate it in your own italian words)
Thanks in advance
Here it is:

"one of the main reasons why i loved this city so much is because it was sparsely populated back in the late 80s.
The city was at the beginning of its economic success at that time and there were many immigrants coming to settle in from other cities. At that time i lived in my father's house and our quarters was overlaid with beautiful gardens and fruit trees. There was a lot of wildlife with rare
animals and sometimes even dangerous ones. But all the same it was really beautiful and quiet. The air was always fresh and clean.
We also had neighbours where we lived. Our neighbours house was owned by a very fat man who worked in an oil compnay just like my father. He was a good friend of my father and never seem to notice
the affairs of his children at all. He had three daughters and i fancied his second daughter the most, because she was very pretty.
I remember when we first moved there i was very young (about 9 or 10 years old) and when i first saw the girls they would invite me
to go and play a game with them but i was often too shy. They also had a very ferocious dog that always attacked anyone who went close to their house so that also kept me away from them for a while,
but later i felt more courageous and developed a close friendship with the second daughter whom i fancied. she was interested in me just like i was in her. And most of the time her other two sisters were away so i could feel free.
Sometimes we will go out to the town center where there was a fair with our bikes. We will buy some icecream and get on the rollercoasters at the fair in the city center and then when we are tired we will come back home.
At home we will play in the gardens and with animals around our house. We would climb they fruit tress and eat the fruits from them.
We will sometimes try to do some drawings because we both fancied art and we were both artists.
Unfortunately a time came when my father had to move to another city for Job reasons. And i had to leave with my family
and since then i have always wanted to return there....
Concluding i will like to say that apart from the wildlife and green that this city posessed, It was sparsely populated at that time and i loved it for that.
Recently as i have heard, a lot of immigrants have moved to this city and i haven't returend there for the past 15 years and wonder if it is still the same.
Finally this city gives me a really romantic impression about it from my youth experiences."

Answer on (Traduzione) English to Italian?

Hi, I'm Italian... Megzy's translation is not correct and it has a lot of mistakes, probably she has used an on-line translator...

Unluckily now I haven't got much time to translate this text in a good Italian, maybe tomorrow...

sorry ^^