Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are some sugar-free desserts?

I'm on a sugar free diet and would love to know the recipes of some sugar free, preservative free etc desserts and snacks that still taste really good? Thanks for helping me out!

Answer on What are some sugar-free desserts?

My dad is diabetic and I used to make him a ton of different pudding type things. His favorite was banana pudding. There would be a sugar free wafer like crust on the bottom, banana flavored sugar free pudding, regular wafers on top, with bananas mixed in with it. You'd seriously be amazing at how much you can do with sugar free puddings/custards. There is another thing my sister used to make... 7 layer jello salad. This was a HUGE hit... even with me, and I'm not diabetic.

A lot of the ingredients vary, but here are some different recipes for you to look at:

I can't remember if my sister used sour cream in it or not... but the one I had does have condensed milk. Instead of the little squares of jello that is shown when you look it up on google images, my sister would just kind of stir it around so it ended up looking like little squares. Hence, hello salad. :)