Tuesday, December 22, 2009

History Quiz!! Multiple Choice, Easy 10 Points!!?

The post-classical period in Western history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the fifteenth century is referred to as the:

1. Renaissance
2. Middle Ages
3. Baroque
4. Age of Discovery
5. Modern Era

Who were the invaders who disrupted the development of political institutions in the medieval West until the tenth century?

1. Mongols
2. Chinese
3. Muslims
4. Turks
5. Vikings

The system that described economic and political relations between landlords and their peasant laborers was called:

1. slavery
2. capitalism
3. feudalism
4. manorialism
5. monasticism

Relationships between members of the military elite based on a reciprocal exchange of land for military service and loyalty were called:

1. the guild system
2. manorialism
3. feudalism
4. monasticism
5. capitalism

What Frankish king was responsible for the conversion of his people to Christianity in order to gain a vague domination over the Franks?

1. Clovis
2. Charles Martel
3. Louis IX
4. Pepin III
5. Charlemagne

What dynasty took over the Frankish monarchy in the eighth century?

1. Hohenstaufen
2. Carolingian
3. Merovingian
4. Saxon
5. Norman

Where was the greatest concentration of urbanization in Europe after the tenth century?

1. England and Scandinavia
2. England and France
3. France and the Holy Roman Empire
4. Italy and the Low Countries
5. Spain and Poland

In the twelfth century, what Parisian scholar, the author of Yes and No, utilized logic to examine ecclesiastical doctrine?

1. Galen of Paris
2. William of Ockham
3. William of St. Thierry
4. Thomas Aquinas
5. Peter Abelard

The leading figure in the synthesis of classical rational philosophy with Christian theology was also a teacher at the University of Paris in the thirteenth century:

1. Geoffrey Chaucer
2. Peter Abelard
3. William of St.Thierry
4. Thomas Aquinas
5. William of Ockham

During the eleventh century, what new architectural style featuring pointed arches and flying buttresses became dominant in western Europe?

1. Structuralism
2. Baroque
3. Gothic
4. Romanesque
5. Turkic

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