Sunday, November 29, 2009

Whole grain or whole what for weight loss?

I've lost 15 pounds on a very healthy diet,
but i would love to eat bread again, but im confused on which bread is better for weight loss & dieting? whole grain bread or whole wheat bread?!
i heard whole grain turns into sugar when entering your system so to not eat it, but does it really?
i mean it's healthy right?!
serious answers only, thnx!

Answer on Whole grain or whole what for weight loss?

Look for 100% wholewheat breads (wholegrain breads are very healthy too- but, there abit more calorie dense. If you can afford some of the extra calorie's, go for it!)
Hope i'v helped, best of luck!

(Also try wholegrain cereals, wholegrain crackers, muesilis, oat's, wheatgerm/ bran, wholegrain granola bar's, pretzels/ baked chips/ wholegrain pita chips/ 94% fat free popcorn, couscous, quinoa, brown- long grain rice, wholewheat pasta, "Vita Top Muffins" and 100% wholewheat- breads/ english muffins/ crumpets/ waffles/ buns/ bagels/ dinner rolls/ wraps/ pitas/ etc.)