Saturday, October 17, 2009

IS it THAT unusual? + WHICH ONE?

Everyone is telling me Kirra is really unusual and looks like a miss-spelling!!
ive got 7 kids,
i had three, Cooper, Alana + Mia when i went for my 4th and gt amazingly lucky with 4!!!! *i should have realised it would happen to me as its common on both sides of the family* but anyway.
So now i have my gorgeous kids,
Cooper Bradley
Alana May
Mia Louise
Blake Jameison
Kirra Marianne
Luke Brian John
Paige Isabella

Do you like these names?
and is Kirra really that unusual?
oh and IM NOT SURE. BRYCE OR BLAKE? please help!

meanings dont mean much to me but this is what they mean :
Cooper - A barrel maker
Alana - Harmony/Stone/Noble
Mia - 'Uncertain, maybe bitter'
Blake - light; dark
Kirra - Australian Place (which i also love because i lived in Australia when i was a kid)
Luke - a native of Lucania, a region of Italy which i really like the meaning because my name basically means a native of a province in france!
Paige - attendant :)

Do you like the names?

Answer on IS it THAT unusual? + WHICH ONE?

I don't think that it is particularly weird. There are certainly some much stranger names out there these days. I automatically pronounced it Kir - Ah, which is pretty close, and since it is a place name with a personal story, I think that it is a lovely choice.