Sunday, July 19, 2009

What are the benefits of eating meat? Is meat necessary?

I'm not a vegetarian. I have recently transitioned into a 100% organic diet. The only dairy product I eat is organic Greek yogurt. I'm not yet ready to give up eating meat, but I have been cutting back severely the past year or so based on my body's reactions to the meats I consume. I don't eat any type of pork or beef since they make me feel awful.

What are in your opinion the healthiest meats and the unhealthiest? Eventually, I hope to cut out meat from my diet if it proves to not be beneficial or agree with my body. Of course, I don't like what non-organic companies do to animals, I believe in animal rights but I'm not an activist/ fundamentalist. I still eat animals and use animal products. But is it beneficial to the human body in any way to eat meat?

Of course, I am going to eat what makes me feel good in the end, but hearing from other people always helps and is always informative. Thank you :D

Answer on What are the benefits of eating meat? Is meat necessary?

There is nothing in meat that you can't get from other sources. Meat is not a particularly good source of most nutrients except protein and iron.

Despite the high amount of protein in meat, you almost certainly get enough protein, and more is not better.

It is worth paying attention to iron if you don't eat meat. Make sure you choose foods with high iron contents. (BTW - spinich is not as high in iron as commonly thought. Look it up, and don't get nutrition advice from Popeye cartoons.)