Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Give me 1 reason why you like Lady Gaga ?

i can give you many reasons why i hate lady gaga:
1. she's a poser (she copied other celebs)
2. all her songs contain sex
3. she's a slut
4. she's a bad impression to teens (i'm also a teen)
5. her music sucks
6. she's the reason of Miley being a slut (Miley is a Lady Gaga fan)
7. she dresses like a ...... (can't find a perfect word to match her)
8. she is popular for nothing (she's not unique she copied other celebs)

other questions of yours:

Q1: you hate her because you like miley and justin bieber ?
Ans: no i hate justin bieber and miley
Q2: why are you wasting your time asking this question ?
Ans: i just want to know why you find you like her

Answer on Give me 1 reason why you like Lady Gaga ?

I like her lips (lol)
She has pretty eyes
Great teeth
I like a few songs
She's not afraid to be really different
She has the worlds balls in her hands so she obviously has talent,sex appeal or both