Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Please spend time to read this one,
well I have this girl, and she's my friend with benefits,
we have *** once in a week, but just today,
she "unfriend" me on facebook when she saw some
girls posting on my walls and that I comment on some of their pictures
saying that they're pretty, she always says not feel anything towards her..
I know she did it maybe because she likes me.. But..
what do u think is the best thing to do for me now??
Do you think its okay if I add her on facebook again?
Message her? Or what?

If its okay with you, can you add me on facebook ?
I want someone to talk to.. thanks..
my e-mail is :


looks like she was your friend with benefits, hoping it would turn into something more....
you can only really act on it if you like her as more than a 'friend with benefits'. do you like her more than that?
if you dont... then maybe you two should stop with the sex because its obviously upsetting her.
if not, then make it official.
either way, you need to explain everything and your intentions and how you feel about her.
and if she wont listen....well....i wouldnt bother....

How i can check my visa which i have appliedfor italy?

Answer on How i can check my visa which i have appliedfor italy?

Contact the Italian embassy.