Friday, August 15, 2008

A quick question on storing food?


im planning on starting a new diet and want to do shopping as little as possible(every week or 2)..can any body offer advice on preserving food for as long as possible,(can you just freeze anything??) or will i have to pick up some items fresh more often heres a list of some stuff:

fish for everyday
chicken breasts for everyday
fruit and veg for everyday

any advice and warnings(if any) would be great as i am really quite ignorent in this area..i dont want food going off in my fredge during the week..thanks

Answer on A quick question on storing food?

Fish and chicken can be very easily frozen.

There are many great commercially frozen fruits and vegetables. Some of them you can try to freeze at home, some don't do well when frozen at home. I particularly like frozen blueberries, which can be put on cereal, and don't need to be thawed. I'm also very fond of frozen broccoli, because all of the prep work has already been done for me!