Tuesday, August 12, 2008


How did Russia and Italy dealt with their economic problems differently then Germany. around 1930's


Germany had Hitler, and Russia and Italy did not......

Are Americans no longer proud of their heritages?

I love discussing heritages with people, finding out where their ancestors are from (now granted I do get Americans are the only ones who do this), but recently if I try and bring up the subject at all people just go "I'm an American" when the question was "what heritages are you?" It's not for lack of knowing that they say it (if I prod a little harder they will usually tell me or just say I don't know).

Also at what point would one be considered American? I know a girl who is all German in blood, lives currently in Germany, but she was born in Italy. Does that make her Italian as well? Or my friend who has lived in the States since she was 2 but was born in a Marine base in Spain. Does that make her Spanish?

Answer on Are Americans no longer proud of their heritages?

I am an American and of American Indian heritage.