Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did i ruin my diet by eating this ?

erm well not ruin but i ate about 3 little pots of low fat strawberry yogurt
it said it had about 90 calories each but many people say that those have a lot of sugar which immidietly turns into fat.. so am i going to gain a lot ?

im craving for sweets because im on my period ! so i thought its better to eat this than chocolate
thanks !

Answer on Did i ruin my diet by eating this ?

No, you haven't ruined your diet. To stick to a diet you need to be a little bit flexible. Its not going to turn into fat-thats an old wives tale. If you gain anything, its more likely to be a bit of fluid because of your period, so don't worry. Try and exercise a little and keep on eating a balanced diet.