Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How can i lose 8 pounds in a week?

My name is Joe and I wrestle for my high school team. I've been certified for the 112 weight class but I kinda put off losing weight and now i have exactly a week to go from 120.3 lbs to 112 lbs. I have an average build (5'4 and 120). I have wrestling practice for 2 and a half hours monday through friday after school (today is saturday) and next saturday is the day i need to be at 112. What diet/exercise plan should i follow to lose the weight? And please don't tell me it's not safe or smart to lose 8 pounds, I hear it from my parents every day. Thanks for your help :)

Answer on How can i lose 8 pounds in a week?

And you know more than your parents. Bless your heart. You don't want to hear the truth - you just want to hear what you WANT to hear. You should have started trying to lose weight waaaaay back when you first knew you were going to be on the wrestling team. You've only got yourself to blame for procrastinating. Don't be badmouthing your parents for YOUR laziness.