Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Can I Find A Decent Agent?

When I Graduate High School I Am Going To Pursue An Acting Career Right Now I Am Practicing I Am 14 A Freshman And then I want to work in Tv And Film but in order to get into movies like Twilight And Harry Potter Movies LIKE this in the future I need An agent how do I kno which agent to pick I live in long island ny 30min away from the city how do I pick tge right agent the one tht can get me in these films

Answer on How Can I Find A Decent Agent?

You are 14 now, and since an overnight success takes roughly ten years it is safe to say the Twilight and Harry Potter like movies ship has sailed already. Finding a decent agent, or more to the point, having a decent agent find the merit in representing you is a product of persistence and consistently work. Well before you graduate high school you should seriously consider attending NYU which has an excellent arts program and many of its graduates have had and continue to have outstanding careers in theatre, tv and film.