Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 POINTS! Question about my novel!?

I have a main character named Delilah. I need to figure out what kind of family she should come from. Should she come from a single parent home, a two parent home? Should she have siblings? What do you think would make the story more interesting! (an example: she should have an older brother that takes care of her). Come up with any suggestions. [just in case it helps she will eventually meet a guy named Chronos, who is the second protagonist. He is a half human, half loki (a supernatural creature I made up). He has black shoulder-length hair and pale gray eyes and two dark black wings. He looks like he is about 17 or 18 but he is about 150 years old and he is extremely handsome. He was born in Italy, is very wealthy and has a very pleasant personality. Delilah will end up falling in love with Chronos.) She will make three new friends from an assassin organization that kill supernatural creatures (especially loki). One of her friends from the assassin organization will become Delilah's best friend. Chronos and Delilah's best friend (which is a guy) are more like rivals than enemies.] Anyway, with this information, I need a family for Delilah that will fit well into this kind of story. I will be looking for a best answer. Thanks!

Answer on 10 POINTS! Question about my novel!?

she should come from a single parent home, no siblings so that the either Chronos or the other guy is like the brother figure and she looks up to them. the single parent makes it easier for her to leave and go to the organization.