Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm going to italy, has anyone been there before?

i'm going to rome, naples venice, messina, and livorno.

what should i expect?
is it clean and classy there?
any tips? any warnings? any must-sees?

anything and everything would be helpful so thanks in advance.

p.s. what should i bring?
what shouldn't i bring?

Answer on I'm going to italy, has anyone been there before?

Pack lightly, and your clothes should be comfortable and loose. Bring one nice dress or outfit for going to fancy restaurants.

I'm in Italy right now! The last stop I made was Rome, and it was really hot but beautiful. You ABSOLUTELY have to go to Villa Borghese. It is so pretty and fun! There's a museum there and ponds and even hot air balloon rides!

In every town, there are high end and low end places. Whichever you are in, everyone is very nice.
When using public transportation, it is usually fairly dirty. I would bring purell if I were you :)
Watch out for vendors coming up to you and trying to sell you things. They are trying to rip tourists off. When they ask you, simply say "No." and if they don't go away, say it again. DON'T be intimidated.
You should bring good walking shoes, as well as comfortable shoes for around your apartment/room/house.
Hope you have a good trip!